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Astar Lubricants reaches a sponsor agreement with first ever all-women motorbike team

In Astar Lubricants we want to participate in initiatives that drive important values ​​for society. One of these initiatives is undoubtedly the one promoted by the motorcycling world champion, Champi Herreros, who has created the Champi Women Racing, the first-ever motorcycle team entirely made up of women. The project aims to transmit values ​​as necessary in society as are innovation, equality, teamwork and effort. At Astar we firmly believe in the ability of competitive sports to transmit values ​​that help to improve society. For this reason, it is a pleasure for us to sponsor this unique project.

The project aims to transmit values ​​as necessary in society as are innovation, equality, teamwork and effort.

Unlike other teams, the entire Champi Women Racing team is made up of women. From the drivers themselves, to the engineering and mechanics team, this team has been formed with women who are passionate about the world of motorcycling. The promoter of this exceptional project, Champi Herreros, believes that initiatives like this will help the sport of motorcycling move towards full equality in sports categories. According to Champi Herreros, women have the same abilities as men when it comes to competing on a motorbike and this project will pave the way for many women to compete and enjoy the world of motorcycling.

All Champi Women Racing staff consists entirely of women, from the drivers to the mechanics.

The team is supported by numerous business and academic institutions. There is a close relationship with the University of Valencia, through and agreement with the training program MotoStudent that aims to students from all over the world develop the knowledge acquired in their studies to the development of a prototype motorcycle competition.

There are also many people and public figures in the world, both economic and sports, who have expressed their unconditional support for the initiative. Sportsmen so remarkable with World Champion Marc Márquez have already joined the long list of people who support the values ​​of Champi Woman Racing. Also the business and political world has wanted to join a project that in its first year of existence has achieved titles.

Astar Lubricants therefore joins this project with the aim of serving as an engine for sports and social success. All the luck for the fantastic technical and sports team of Champi Women Racing.

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